Bobruisk Art Museum

The official opening of the museum, founded on the basis of the Exhibition Hall of Bobruisk, is considered 27 July 2009. The solemn opening of the museum for visitors took place on 30 July 2012 after reconstruction. Today, the museum is located in two buildings: the art gallery in M. Gorky St. 28 and the exhibition hall in Sotsialisticheskaya St. 100. The mission of the museum is to preserve for future generations the works of professional artists, whose life and creativity were tied up with Bobruisk. The basic exposition for today is the exposition of the works of Bobruisk artists. At the beginning of 2012, the number of main find items was 500. The Most valuable collections are modern art ceramics, G.G.Poplavsky's prints, stones and minerals. Since 2003, the museum participates in annual international open-airs of ceramics "Art-Zhizhal" in Bobruisk.
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